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How to use the Sticky add to cart bar?

Add the sticky add to cart bar to all products in a store or selected products. The bar will show buyers the product image, name, quantity, variants, and price, and the Add to cart button.

If the two bars are enabled, the sticky add to cart bar will be displayed on a page until buyers add an item to their shopping cart. When at least one item is added, the sticky checkout bar will be displayed instead.

You can choose the action performed by clicking on the button on the sticky add to cart bar.

Add product to the cart and stay on page. The confirmation mode captioned “Added to your cart!” displays on a page for 3 seconds and then becomes a standard bar again.

Go to checkout

Go to the cart page

Use the add to cart bar functionality for all products or selected products.

Select which bar elements you want to display.

You can customize the bar design, visibility, and placement on a page in Bar design settings.

The bar visibility settings allow you to select when the sticky add to cart bar will be seen on a page: always, after scrolling below the add to cart button, or after scrolling a custom set percentage of a page.

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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