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How to use the Buy now button?

The app enables you to add the “Buy now” button to product pages, collection pages, and a home page to kick off the process of making a purchase.

When this feature is enabled, the buyers are redirected to the checkout page rather than the cart page after clicking the “Buy now” button, thus enjoying an easier and faster checkout experience.

To use the “Buy now” button leading to checkout, in the app admin go to Buy now button and enable it using the toggle button. Next, select the pages where you want to use it on.

Tick the box as in the screenshot below if you want the “Buy now” button on a product page to have the style of the “Add to cart” button.

To fit the general look and feel of an ecommerce store, the “Buy now” button design can be customized.

The original Buy now button can be selected to be hidden to avoid duplicates. To do this, tick the box ‘Hide original Buy now button’ as in the screenshot below.

The Buy now button selection allows you to select where the “Buy now” button will be placed on a page. You can place it above or below some elements. If the button has the “Selected” status, no action is required. If the button has the “Selection required” status, you should select its placement on a storefront.

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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